Take a minute and tell us what your favorite song is from 15 MINUTES!
My favorite Barry Manilow album is _________________.
Barry Manilow - A Capitol Fourth - Part 1 America The Beautiful / One Voice
Barry, I loved seeing you on "A Capitol Fourth" again this year. You were awesome as usual, and the "America The Beautiful/One Voice" Medley was so incredibly beautiful! Your performance of "Let Freedom Ring" with the choir and fireworks was amazing, you sounded fabulous, and you looked absolutely gorgeous! Even now, 40 years after Mandy, you still take my breath away!!! <3 :)
Making final preparations for tonight's big Independence Day celebration on the lawn of our Nation's Capitol! Tune in tonight to see Barry on A Capitol Fourth on PBS at 8 PM ET!

The excitement is building for Barry's performance on PBS's A CAPITOL FOURTH on the 4th of July! Make sure you tune in from BEGINNING to END...you'll be glad you did!