will release another new show in about a week. Can you guess which show it will be?
I just recently subscribed to Manilow TV (I know...I know...!) and let me say I picked a great time to do it! The performance at the O2 arena was fabulous! It felt very personal. I would encourage any Barry fan to try it! I can only hope that this concert be released on dvd one day so we can all have it in our collections.
Tonight I finally had the chance to sit down and watch Manilowtv. I was super excited that the last concert at the O2 arena was a special addition this month! It was so great to see some of the changes to the set but when Keep Each Other Warm started up and the lyrics were changed... I don't know if it's because I'm getting older , living near Chicago or both but the world seems like such a scary place lately. Barry, your words felt like a warm pair of arms around me, protecting me. I really encourage everyone to subscribe this month if for no other reason than to feel what I felt tonight! Thank you Barry.