Do you know what's new on Manilow TV?
How about the 1999 SHEBA Awards...when Elizabeth Taylor presented Barry with their Humanitarian of the Year award by Elizabeth Taylor.
I was so very much looking forward to seeing you in Colorado Springs tonight....even had those cherised front row seats! It was with a heavy heart that I called my friend to let him know that your Springs concert was cancelled. I frantically managed to still get tickets for Denver this Saturday but was not able to get those close-up coveted seats I so longed for. I have waited all my life to see you in person...I have memorized every song you have ever performed. One in particular touched me recently when I heard it for the very first time....your rendition of the beautiful ballad "You're There." My partner, Gus, passed away in October of 2012 and shortly afterward I penned the following words.."loneliness is as deep within as the universe is vast and what can compare to infinity." "You're There" resonated to the depths of my soul and took my still pained heart back to the many memories I have secured indelibly in my heart. Prior to his passing, Gus told me that he would never leave me...that we would always be together "heart to heart." Hearing the poignant words of "You're There" so masterfully interpreted by you were tantamount proof that he truly is still with me at the deepest level of my heart and soul. Listening to the lyrics while feeling tears (each one with a memory) cascading down my cheeks provided tantamount proof to me that Gus is truly "there." I eagely await Saturday night; how wonderful it would be if synchronicity would intervene so that I could even for a brief moment thank you personally for the beautiful and perpetual spiritual gift you have given to me. If you feel a profound presence of an ethereal spirit professing eternal gratitude to you during Saturday's concert, trust that it will be coming from my "angel" Gus proudly emanating from above me as I enjoy, with much gratitude, your beautiful vocal gift from Section 2, Row 13, Seat 222.
Hi Barry, so sorry you couldn't make it to our lovely city of Colorado Springs. I know things come up but I want to make you an offer! If in your "retirement" you want to come visit and see the sites, my daughters and I would be thrilled to give you a tour! Just let us know! See you in Denver for both shows AND MWM. My girls are so excited to see you for the first time!
Thank you Barry for making my life possible! I thank you because i credit you with saving my life when i was a teen in the 80's and your music lifted and inspired me to beat depression and bullying. One song in particular empowered me to rise above it all and enjoy one incredible life.....that song was "All the Time". You not only made my life one amazing journey....but MILLIONS of fans all over the world have enjoyed years of having you sing and entertaining us with such incredible music. Look forward to your concert this Saturday in my hometown of Denver! Thank you have made a difference in so many lives!
We just got home and our hearts are still pounding from your show!!!! Thank you for making our dream come true <3
Thank you Tucson!!