You were my Moms all time favorite!!! It is because of her that my brothers and I, as well as our children and grandchildren all know and love your music. We all went to your concert the last time you came to Baton Rouge. Since you aren't coming her this time we will have to miss out on the best concert we ever went to. My mother passed away in 2006 and I still have her "Paradise cafe" shirt and even all her records. One is even shaped as your silhouette. You have been a blessing to us. A way to keep her near. So I thank you for your beautiful music!!
I guess, not just European are waiting for you... As for Asia - Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong etc... many fans of you! I'd be the first one to stand!
Just wanted to let you know how your music touched my life. When my boyfriend & I were dating we would lay around & listen to your records & talk. Fast forward to over 20 years later---we finally got married. Sadly, the week after we got married he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Was put on hospice. During those 5 short weeks we were married, we once again turned to Barry's music. Laying around listening to it & talking about the life journey we had together. Bittersweet. I have seen you perform 4 times---the last one was in Jan., in Detroit, on your One last time tour. Truly amazing. Your music has brought so much love & passion into our lives. What a fun trip down memory lane that night was. Thanks for all the beautiful songs--that have gotten me through some really tough times., but also some very wonderful times. So glad I got to see you one last time.