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#BarryManilows last episode of this ten part series They Write the Songs, on BBC Radio 2 Episode 10 will be today, 7/17 at 9:00 PM in #Britian. You can listen here:


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Where has the time gone? This series has been amazing. Thank you for educating me in some unknown musicals. It's been a blast.....Is it September yet?

I have really enjoyed these programmes, can’t believe it’s the last one. Hoping you will bring another series of They Write The Songs.

Hard to believe this is the last episode. Time seems to have flown. Positive side is that you will be in the UK to celebrate our 40 year anniversary with us in September. Can't wait! 6 fabulous shows to look forward to. How blessed we are!

#BarryManilow Can't wait Barry, I've enjoyed listening to your shows. Thanks for sharing these lost musicials with us, I've learnt a lot. Hope you'll do another series with the BBC in the future, Tuesday nights won't be the same without you! Take care my friend, lots of love from the UK ❤️

Will miss this Barry looked forward to this every tuesday the weeks have gone so quick. ❤💕

Hola. Barry Manilow. Muchas felicidades. Por tan bonitas canciones.

I’ve enjoyed all of the episodes. Thank you for presenting in such an informative and entertaining way. Also, thanks to anyone and everyone beyond the mic for bringing this series to the air.

Thank you Barry for another wonderful episode of “ They write the songs “ It’s sad this was the last one of this series but I hope the BBC will invite you back for more. You will be missed on Tuesdays that’s for sure!! Counting the days till September when you will be back in the UK to bring us more happiness . Thank you for the music Barry , lots of love from Holland ❤️

Ainda vou te conhecer Barry

Noooo! How can it be the last episode? Seriously, thank you for all the hours of research that were needed for this wonderful, informative series. You presented the information in such an entertaining way and I now can appreciate these amazing forgotten musicals. I can't wait to hear you're working on series #4!

Absolutely wonderful Barry... I was lucky enough to see Mack and Mabel at the Piccadilly Theatre in London in 1995 starring Howard McGillin and Caroline O'Connor. I loved it so much and had the cassette (that shows my age as this was from a previous show too). It is in my top five musicals and was sharing the number one spot with Phantom until I got to see Harmony and that knocked them both off.... This has been a great show Barry. Loved it!! ❤️

Thank you Barry for 10 weeks of a wonderful episode of "They Write The Songs" on BBC Radio 2. I have really enjoyed listening to your voice and the songs were amazing. Will miss a Tuesday at 9pm just hope you do another of these for us, love you Barry ❤️ thanks again.....xx

Say it isn’t so!! The last episode of the series?! Hoping there will be another in the near future! I have loved every moment of these programs, and as always learn so much from your vast musical knowledge, Barry. Many thanks to the BBC for presenting this series. ❤️🎵

Aww, too bad it’s the last show of this series, but fingers crossed there will be another! Thank you for singing that last beautiful song Barry. It’s been many marvellous moments with you over the past 10 weeks enjoying the songs and stories of these forgotten musicals. Many thanks to you and your team and also to the BBC. See you in London!

Sagar Joshi Sourav Joshi

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Done! Good Luck! 🎼

Done! 😁


Done ! 💖

Done ❤💕

All done Barry good luck you deserve it x💞

Done! 👍🤞

Hi Barry I let my one voice be heard and I voted for you ❤️I will vote every single day until it’s over no Matter what the outcome is you will always be the barry best to me❤️


Voted, will vote every day. No matter what the outcome you will be the best in my book.


Done AND shared!!



Done ✅

Voted for THE best because you are and always will be. Love you Barry

Done. In addition to Barry, I happily voted for the Westgate in a few other categories too, such as best Sports Bar (which they clearly have) and some of the restaurants.

Done ✅

Done, and shared!


Done.... my pleasure!

No contest - #BarryManilow wins hands down every time!

Done! ❤

Voted for the sweetest man on earth ❤️

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