Barry Manilow

  • Westgate Las Vegas

    MANILOW: Las Vegas

  • September 6th and 7th
    Hollwood Bowl

    Barry Manilow with the LA Philharmonic

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Oh Barry!

Congratulations Barry! Absolutely Awesome!!! See you in October!

Luv it! Luv it! Luv it! ❤

Wish I was there 😍

Well I think this just shows he was brilliant then but has just gotten better and better as the years go on. Don't ever stop Barry!! You are and always have been amazing!! See you in June!!

Just love ❤

The greatest best show in vegas

Proud to be a Fanilow!!

Please come back to NY!!!

What a wonderful milestone to celebrate. Lots of love and good wishes for a fabulous show tonight. ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations Barry - you just sound better and better as the years pass - truly a master of your profession. I cant wait see you again soon ❤

So wish I could see his Las Vegas show!! Just love him❤💋!!

I was there!!! ... and I’ll be here tonight!!! I Luv B 💜

Looks like you made it, young man! Counting down the days till I see you again in June at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino!

Congratulations! Have a great time tonight!!!

Congratulations Barry I can't wait to see you there in June 😍 xx

DVD of tonights show for all of us who can't be there tonight

I wish you’d come back to upstate NY Barry. I’ll probably never make it out to Vegas to see you 😢

I absolutely adored the Big Fun tour !!!

I wish i was there i love Barry

Congratulations! Thank you for filling our lives with joy and happiness! 🎵❤️

Hello Morrison

My, my, over 30 years ago and they still want you back 'even now'. Congratulations Barry! Yes, you've still got it.... in SPADES!!

He is so talented!!!!

Congratulations Barry! Showman of our Generation! ❤️🎶❤️🎹

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Damn, I got excited!!! Thought he was coming back to Broadway. :-(

Totally awesome!

You are amazing!

Absolutely Brilliant Well Done You are amazing Barry and deserve nothing less ❤ xx

Legend and a gentleman. True superstar 💙🎶

Hopefully it means he is coming to NY at some point!

Didn't he retire about a year ago?

Could be a clue 😍

I can answer those questions without even seeing the show. It’s because he’s Barry and he’s the greatest. That’s why! 🎤 🕺🏻 🎶

Saw your show in Vegas last month. It is absolutely AMAZING!! Booked to come back again in June!! Don't miss it folks!! It's incredible!!


Congratulations Barry your simply the best

well done sunshine, no one comes anywhere near you, much love x

Bucket List! ❤️🎵🎶

I spread the news every chance I get! Absolutely the best! Have seen the Vegas show 5 times and will return! Keep entertaining us Barry!

Hoping to get there soon!

I’ll be out there this Fall!

Got excited that he was bring the show back to NYC!!!!


Hi Barry, I cannot wait to see your shows this week!🥰🥰

Você é show Barry

I want to go sooooooo bad

Can't wait to see the show in September 😁😁

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I wish

OMG, I would sooooo love to. <3

Hearing "please dont be scared" for the first time. 💕💕

October 1st, 2004! Sharing a funny story about dentists!

Love Swing Street!

I don't think my husband would go for it....😎 Seriously, this sounds fantastic. Good luck to everyone!!! <3 Plus, it'll be great fun to see everyone's stories.

Bill Bauser

I would love to meet this fabulous man. He is the best

Hearing "Weekend in New England" live (way back when) when I realized the strings were supposed to be waves crashing on the shore.

my moment would be a dreamy-eyed seven year old listening to a Artista record. I don't this I have a photo of that. :-) As a 53 year old I am still similar to that seven year old.

The build up of the music and the piano coming up in the middle of the stage! The anticipation of finally seeing Barry sing all my favorite songs! A night to remember!!!!

Kylene Canham

Watching Barry show his love with Kathy Lee Gifford on her last day. Love to see Barry perform in person.

Doing Saturday chores as early as age 8 with my mom listening to Barry Manilow "Copacabana" and singing and dancing in the kitchen to it . One of my favorite memories❤❤

We are coming from Australia! 😍😍

Being 11and hearing Weekend in New England for the very first time. That was 43 years ago and still love Barry today just as I did on that day!

Great prize, shame it is only available to US residents and not outside of America. However, good luck to those that can enter. 💕

I love Barry, I love his music, but my mom had to put up with my listening to Copacabana and New York City rythym, during Two years or so.

I would love to win. I have not see Barry in 6 years or more. I am very poor. Please give me a chance. Linda Allyn Miller. 402-999-1776., Thank you.

See you June 13-15 with my bezzie Carla we're travelling from Europe and so excited as we fly out 2 months today. We love you Barry

From asking you to marry me in a letter my sister helped me write when I was only 3 , to learning that One Voice can make a difference, to my first concert experience, and the countless hours of singing with you in the car or at home you have opened my mind and heart through your music.

An anniversary gift from my husband..watching Barry I his white suit years ago!

HE is the greatest showman

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