Hi Everyone,
Let me send out my best wishes and deepest hopes that all of you, your friends and loved ones are okay and hanging in during the Covid-19 drama.
Garry and I are okay. Marc and his family are okay. The band and the crew are okay. So far all of us have made it through this very scary time.
We all know people who have suffered with it and some of us have lost people to the virus. But as far as I know, our close friends and families are healthy.
I hope – really hope – you are all playing by the rules and not being reckless. This virus is serious. You don’t want to get it. And staying healthy is really easy.
Just wear a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth, stay 6 feet away from people and stay home as much as you can. That doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.
So please-please don’t fool around with this thing. I really want to see everyone at the Westgate when it’s all over.
Let’s all hope and pray that this terrible time goes by fast.
Stay safe everyone.