Hi Everybody….

We all hope this finds you well and hanging in there.
We’re all working from on and living on laptops and cell phones.
When we do take a break, we say a big thank you for the internet and everything we can watch online.

Like you, when times are crazy, we turn to entertainment.

This time is no different.

And if you’re like us, you too are probably getting a little stir crazy.

You can only build the same puzzle so many times, right?

So, we want to help.

In 2016, at the end of the One Last Time tour, Barry rented the theatre in Denver for a free after hours event we called Midnight With Manilow. Barry’s thoughts on his career, question and answers, guests from past tours and fan favorite performances like Who Needs To Dream, I Was A Fool To Let You Go, and I’ve Got The Best Seat In The House were all a part of the festivities.

The evening was recorded and previously only available with a paid ManilowTV subscription…until now.

As a thank you to all of those on the front line…those working in health care, in grocery stores, transportation, etc…and to the rest of us for sticking together to show each other the kindness, concern, and compassion that will get us all through this…we have made this show FREE for all on ManilowTV.

You can watch it this week, for free…up until April 1st.

Head on over to www.manilowtv.com and watch from your desktop or mobile device or search for the ManilowTV app on AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Google Play, or Roku stores to watch on your television.

So, put away your puzzle.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!