Jingle bells…jingle bells…jingle all the way…because we have a very special gift for you! This December, stream The Greatest Hits and Then Some Tour from Los Angeles, CA from 12/31/1993…straight from Barry’s personal archive…completely for FREE! This special concert is available to watch now…this month only…on ManilowTV, YouTube and Facebook. We hope you enjoy this very special gift from our hearts to yours this holiday season.

Here’s what Barry had to say about the concert:

Hi Everyone, Well, Marc, my able-bodied, long (long!) time assistant has done it again!

Every month Marc dives into our archives of audio and video recordings of concerts. Each month he picks shows that he thinks we would all enjoy.

But I must say, this month he’s outdone himself. It’s so great that I want everyone who is interested, to see it. So, it’s a Christmas present from me, Garry, Marc, Chris and everyone at Stiletto to all of you.
The concert takes place on New Year’s Eve 1993 in Los Angeles at the old Universal Amphitheater.

We played at the Universal Amphitheater many times over the years, but this concert is a real killer.

I don’t know, there must have been something in the air or the stars were aligned correctly, or Sagittarius was in Asparagus, but everything clicked. The band was great, (Bud, Dana, Ron, Steve), the singers were on fire (Debra, Gina, Billy Kidd), and the audience – oh, the audience!

The audience was beyond description. They were the perfect crowd – quiet and polite when they should be and wild – WILD as midnight approached.

They were so incredibly insane that Marc wants me to apologize for his upside down camera work! I tried to walk through the crowd as midnight approached singing a lovely, emotional version of “It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve”, but the crowd mistakenly thought they were at an Oingo Boingo concert!

Seriously, it’s a concert I will never forget, and I sincerely wanted you to see it.

Watching a show like this is when I know I’m doing the right thing with my life.

There was so much joy in that room and it poured out into my lap as I watched. I just know that people who had a lousy day felt better after the show. People who were going through personal tragedies forgot them for two hours. Couples who had been together for a long time suddenly held hands for the first time in years. When I was in funk one time, Garry told me that “you can’t cure cancer, but you can make them forget about it for two hours.” Well, this is one of those shows.

I hope you have a great time watching this show. And once again, I thank you for all your support for all the years.

Have a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

All my love,


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