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And I’ll be seeing you tonight for my platinum, baby! ⭐️

Aunty Agnes.... there’s a Manilow store!!! 😮

The staff in the Manilow store is fabulous!

💛🎶 my best girlfriend and I were thrilled to wear yellow feathers in our hair, at dinner before seeing Barry last month in Vegas! and giving knowing nods and winks to the other diners sporting their own yellow feathers.

There's a manilow store?

Charl Maloney can you imagine if my mum went here 😍😲 #shewouldbeskint xx


Shelley De Longpre Shelton

My cousin Dawn Isom RhymesDawn has been spotted by Barry!

My favorite place!!! OMG the staff there are the best and so helpful and patient!!! Spent slot of time there! Treated myself to the diamond M necklace!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The store is fantastic I enjoyed spending my money there Love my Manilow coat it keeps me warm up here in South Dakota

That's sweet Wish I could take my son. Live to be 80 Barry, my money is jacked up

Yolie Quintero Rivera omg!! This is our girl from the shop!!

I love her. Such a great personality.

I so love Barry!


Lola's yellow feather!

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Have a great weekend!! Looking forward to 2019 shows!!

Have a fabulous time! 💕

🤩 have fab time , looking forward to the next time Barry ♥️♥️xxx

Christmas parade in Raleigh this weekend. My kid is too busy!

Good morning Barry. Have a wonderful two more nights in Vegas for 2018. Hopefully my time will come next year. “Knock Em Dead, Barry. “ ❤️

I am sure it will be great!!! See you in Vegas next year!!!

Wish I was there! Have a fabulous weekend! ❤️🇨🇦

Bring on 2019

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend at the shows! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend, would love to see you next year in vegas or PS i am hoping. 😄❤

Missed last night but I’ll be there tonight and tomorrow!!!

Congratulations on what look to be a fantastic successful year you've had Barry! You are simply the best! Love you!💖😘💖


Just made plans to be there in Feb. 2019. Can't wait!

I wish I was there! Have a blast everyone!

Was there last night!!!!! Fantastic show!!! Then I went to the meet and greet!!!!! Dream of a lifetime!!!!!! Such a wonderful person!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to see your Las Vegas shows six times last month😀 I’m hoping to return in April! 🍀

It was a fabulous show last night! We all had a great time! Thank you,Barry!! Two more shows this weekend! Woot woot!! 👍🎶🤗💕

Very Happy Thanksgiving to Barry, his friends and family, and to all Barry Manilow fans everywhere!

Hi Barry hope to see soon someday thank you for the the two fantastic shows in London all my love Sara xxx😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤

What a year for you and another barry great year to come see you vegas May but Orlando first 12/8

Barry, you never cease to amaze me! I came to see you November 3, the day before my birthday, and it was the best night I’ve had in a really long time. Keep up the great work!! Can’t wait to see you again!

All the best Barry From the UK have a fantastic time come back and see us soon take care xx❤️

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#tbt to December 10, 2010 at Nobel Peace Prize Concert


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I recognize you and Denzel Washington in the front row. Who are the rest of these people?


Barry & Denzel in the one photo....yummmmmm

Anne Hathaway, Denzel, Florence & the Machine...then, I'm lost. I love looking at people's body language. And, look at those boots on the girl on the bottom right end. Whoa.

Woww so great Barry , I will be watching you ❤️❤️

I remember it well..i was in the audience 🤩

It was an international cast, it was avery wide venue with 3 stages side by side. Barry was top of the bill..of course..I was at the front by the stage on the right and was lucky as Barry used the right hand stage I saw his piano being pushed on then saw his silhouette in the dark..recognise it anywhere He did part of the show on the right hand stage then moved to the centre one for a couple of numbers.

Somewhere Down The Road 😂😘

So proud of you, Barry!! (as usual)

I'm so proud of you Barry what a fantastic achievement all my love Sara xxx😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤ are so great.. we love you & your song 💐😊🌹😇😜🙏

Looking good Barry ❤️

One Voice was incredible! 🎶

Absolutely amazing concert at Nobel Prize!Nice looking photo with Anne and Denzel👍

Time flies by fast where do it go

Renee' Denison, Myles Wilson, Kaitlyn Denison, right behind Barry stands Idan Raichel.

Love you Barry manilow

Your amazing and a beautiful person I love all ur music u are my hero

oh barry,,,my,,,,,


Muchas felicidades. Saludos con mucho cariño para ustedes.

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