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Our Special Man - Please don't overdo it 💓

Looking and sounding SUPERB!!!!! xxoo from Connecticut! 😊

Lookin and soundin good buddy!

Glad to see you are feeling better.

So good to see him back well and sounding as good as ever :)

Looking Tremendously Awsome! Love You Barry!

Dustin Johnson Chase Housley We must go!!!

Alexandra Sashi Wehle!

I saw Barry twice in 1980. To this day the two best concert experiences in the same league as Elton and Billy Joel

He is back <3

Amanda Yarger, ❤️❤️❤️ I’d go see him again if I could!

I hope he comes back to Indy. I have not been to a concert in 17 years but I would not miss

His if he comes back.

He’s a fantastic showman. Grabs you and never let’s go! I’d love to see him again...

Welcome back! Missed you!

I’ll be there July 27th. It’s my “I made it through the rain “ trip. Crap couple of years with divorce and it taking a year to sell my house. This is my present to myself for making it through.

Would love to see him perform.

SO glad he’s feeling better!! Stay healthy Barry. ❤️

So glad you’re feeling better!!! 💕

I’m so glad that Barry is better! I love you Barry!

Hope he comes to Florida again,saw him twice in Orlando,once in Jacksonville, awesome performer❤️

Always loved him saw him at radio city musical years ago he was fantastic


So good to heat his music nice in mu ears ...wellcomeback!!

Sounds great!

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Good to be back on stage at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino! Now get ready Vegas, it’s going to be a great weekend of #BarryManilowVegas shows! To get tickets, visit:


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This so warms my heart......Barry back in Vegas..

Knock em dead Barry.... I so wish I was there. To all going have the most fabulous time and keep the photos coming.... There in spirit applauding every song.. ❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Can't wait to see you again in Leeds UK 💚💚

Wish I could be there, but thinking of you, sure it will be magical x

Can't wait! My first time ever seeing you live!!!!

So happy that you're feeling better Barry. Love you Superstar xx

Glad you are feeling better have a great show tonight

We are scheduled to watch you tonight. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll make it on time. We got stuck at N15 between Escondido & Temecula. We had to turn around and take other routes. Waze said we’ll get to Vegas around 7:42pm....🙏🙏🙏

Fabulous Barry.

Wishing everyone there a wonderful time. Just feeling a bit let down after flying out last weekend to no Barry. Enjoy!

Welcome back! Sorry I can't come back two weekends in a row, but I know the opening of #BarryManilowVegas will be a huge success! Break a leg tonight, and I'll see you in July for my birthday (July 19-21). 💖

Yeah!!!! 🙆🏻‍♀️ Glad you r feeling well enough to resume your Vegas show!!! Have a wonderful show this weekend!! Knock ‘um dead!!! 🎤🎧🎼🎹🥁🎷🎻🎸🎺🎲🎰

Could it be magic!

So glad you are feeling better and can be on stage again tonight. To all attending have an amazing time.

Hi barry good luck tonite knock em dead

Happy days!! XX

I'm so glad you are feeling better!!!!! Take care..... :)

Have a great night.

Really wanted to see you last week but I'll be back! So glad you are feeling better!

So glad that you are feeling better.

Hi Barry, So Glad you are feeling better. Have a Fabulous show but remember don’t over due it. Love you

Yay! Glad to hear you’re feels no better. Have a great show!

Great to know you're feeling better!! Go out there and bring down the house.. like you always do 😂😘

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21 June 2018

Today is #NationalMusicDay, and #Barry's return to Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino for his Vegas show, Manilow: Las Vegas - The Hits Come Home. Show us in a gif how you'll be celebrating! #BarryManilowVegas ... See MoreSee Less


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OMG!! That's the best possible news!!!! And I'm not even going thus weekend!!! So happy to hear Barry is well enough to perform this weekend!!!

Happy for everyone that's there this weekend....enjoy for me!! And so glad Barry Manilow is feeling better!

Good luck tonite barry so nice to have you back where you belong❤️😊🍾🍾toast to a night to remember thank you for letting us know you will be performing oh man wish I could be there but my time over there coming up soon see you in September barry remember that song I think the happenings recorded it

So pleased Barry feeling better. Everyone have a great night , x

Hope your feeling better

With you tonight Barry 6 UK friends xxx

Love You Barry, I made this GIF from a picture my daughter and I took while at your concert last August 4, 2017 at the Forum in LA. I'm so glad you are feeling much better my friend.💗💗

Its great you are better Mexico loves you

Glad you are feeling better. Good Luck Tonight with your return to Las Vegas!!

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