Barry Manilow

  • Westgate Las Vegas
    Now Through June 15th!

    MANILOW: Las Vegas

  • The Hollywood Bowl
    SEPTEMBER 6 & 7, 2019

    MANILOW with the LA Philharmonic

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Love Barry ❤’s a plane, it’s a bird, it’s Barry Manilow!!! 💜

The future is so bright...I gotta see Barry!

#Manilove 💖

"Hold on to your seat, you are in for an AMAZING evening!!" 😊

Mesmerized by The Manilow

The Showman of Our Generation - larger than life! #Manilow #ManilowLasVegas

Is amazing love Barry



Barry’s music has more than three dimensions.

Beam us up, Barry!

Win win win

Please keep your hands inside the ride at all times

Are you sitting comfortably?.. ......

Zombie Movieland


Barry Manilow, Dimensions of Music

The better to see you with, my dear

Barry is magic x

Barry 3D - He’ll reach out and touch you right from the stage!

And so socialized optometry is born

Get ready to be Star Struck by Manilow! He shines so bright you need glasses!!!!

1950’s movie theater

You'd think they would look a bit happier they are seeing Barry Manilow after all

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