Barry, what a tease you are !. All these wonderful T Shirts celebrating shows from the 80's preformed in New York.The new CD out soon and hopefully some shows in New York in the spring, wow, that would be awesome. You have fun over the next few months and I will be looking out for an announcement. xx
please dates of concerts in usa or mexico
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Love this, đź’™
Would you please consider a NEW YORK Concert for your album promotion. Many people would consider traveling to see you rather than you traveling. Your musical genius is timeless.
Is there any updated news of the new album we keep being teased about. I have my finger poised on the pre-order button ready for a press release.
Coldstream Guards playing Copacabana in Trafalgar Square today.It doesn't come much better than that.xx
We received such amazing feedback after showing the June 23rd concert in London on ManilowTV that we decided to show another show from that UK tour…but with a twist.

This month’s new episode, Barry In Britain 2016, compiles the most memorable moments and rarest performances of each and every show from June.

Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bournemouth, London…they’re all there.

You don’t want to miss this.

Don’t believe us?

Just wait until you see the highlights from

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The full list of exclusive releases you can see only see on ManilowTV this October are:
Manilow - One Last Time - Best of Britain 2016
Lady Flash - Beauties In The Night
1981 World Tour UK TV Special
Greatest Hits Tour - Desert Inn - Las Vegas, NV - March 18, 1993
'Clicker Tour' - Shea's Theatre - Buffalo, NY - April 26, 1997
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You've read all the raves about the UK concerts.
Now it's time to see for yourself.