London writes the songs!
My dear friend. I know there is very little chance you will see this, but just wanted to voice how I'm feeling. If I had infinite time and an infinite number of words I still could not find a superlative strong enough to sum up the tour you have just given your UK friends. I was blessed to share your birthday with you, then follow you to Birmingham, Cardiff and was there to wave you off at the 02. Barry, the shows were pure magic and you were beyond fabulous. I have seen you over 50xs in the last 30yrs and you have never disappointed. You give so much of yourself every time you step out on that stage, seeing you perform as only you can is a true blessing. Thank you may only be two little words, but please know they are coming straight from my heart. Thank you, not only for this tour but for over 30yrs of wonderful music, magical memories and fantastic friends....but most of all for being you.... Take time now for yourself and come back and see your friends when you are know we'll be waiting with 'Open Arms'..... Much love Forever And A Day.....xxxxx
In case you're in London and starting to miss a great show........