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This week in 1978, Can’t Smile Without You hit number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. What were you doing in 1978?


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Listening to Barry Manilow, of course!

Junior in college

I was in high school.

My second child was born.

Graduated from high school!

Love Barry 💙

Senior in high school and listening to Barry

Listening to my Barry Manilow albums

I was 4. I don’t remember what I was doing 🤣

Singing your songs, my all-time favorite artist!

Our wedding song!!! 1981

I was learning to drive. And listening to Barry.

Ah yes, preparing to attend my first Manilow concert!!!

Roller skating

In my moms arms!!! 👶🏻

En la primaria, 3er grado

I was 3, probably dancing to Copacabana in the living room of our tiny apartment.

I was a stay at home mom caring for my 2 year old daughter and loving all of Barry's songs!

5th grade...but still listening to Barry, my parents were fans!

Playing Barry Manilow songs over and over and over. Still am 😃

Getting married!

I was celebrating my 9th birthday 😂, didn’t even know who Barry was!!!

flipping this over

I love you, Barry!!!

I was 7 years old and that is the year I fell for Barry Manilow ❤️

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