Barry Manilow

  • Westgate Las Vegas

    MANILOW: Las Vegas

  • 14 September
    Hyde Park - London

    Proms In The Park 2019

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Christine Gupwell

Great interview.

Wonderful interview x

Great interview! Very excited about the new album of all original songs!

Great, heartfelt, and honest interview, Barry! Looking forward to the next 3 albums! ❤️

Great interview

Fabulous interview, gave me goosebumps. Can't wait to see you in Vegas next month, proms in Sept and your next visit after that to the UK. So looking forward to Night Songs 2 and original album 😍 x

It was a wonderful interview. It was so interesting listening to you talk about so many different topics. Looking forward to the new albums.

Fabulous interview!

Great interview, Barry ! <3 :)

P.S So much looking forward to those new albums ! <3 :)

What a fabulous interview must be up with one of the best!

Brilliant interview. Over the moon to hear about the three albums, especially one of original songs. I shall be one of the 60,000 people attending the Proms in the Park, and excited about your next visit to the U.K.! 💕🇬🇧

Will there be some YouTube intros for the next album?

What a great interview and the wonderful news of not one but three cds to look forward to plus a concert back in the Uk as well as the proms!

fabulous interview so much to look forward to see you at the proms!

Great interview Barry ❤️ I can’t make the Proms in September 😢 so will be waiting with baited breath for the dates of when you’re coming back to the UK! Glad you can’t resist us as we can’t resist you!!! Can’t wait for these new albums either..

Great interview!

Hola. Barry Manilow. Muchas felicidades para usted.

Sue xx

What a fabby interview. Well done Alex Belfield🤗

Wow, what a treat!!

Thank you Barry ... you brightened my day , so much wonderful news .. it’s overwhelming . See you in Vegas in 4 weeks . Lots of love from Holland 😘

One of the best interviews I've heard in a long time! There's a lot to look forward to! xx

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Whos ready for summer #attheBowl? Get your tickets for MANILOW with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl on September 6th and 7th at www.manilow.com/tickets


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Cant be there in person but i will be there in spirit But i am not sad as i have the Prom in the park to look forwards to. You ROCK Mr M

So wish I could be there, seeing you at the Hollywood Bowl has been on my bucket list for sometime and I'm yet to tick it off. But, so looking forward to welcoming you back to the UK in September so we can party in the park with you. But first, will see you in June in LV at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Love you,Barry!👍🙋😘😊😇❤️👼

Wish I could be there Barry But am so looking forward to seeing you in September for Proms In The Park ❤

Got them counting the days

Can't wait!

Hola. Barry Manilow. Te mando muchos saludos y abrazos para ti. Que tengas un feliz inicio de semana. Saludos con mucho cariño para ti. Felicidades por ser una gran persona y cantante.

Wish I could be there Barry but I’ll see you at the proms in sept xx❤️

Please come back to leeds.

Eu amo Barry manilow ❤

Meu querido Barry

got my tickets!

I really wish I could be there but not possible . xx

Anywhere near Virginia this year?

How i wish i could be there Barry lveu😊

I'll be there. Can't wait.

I would love to see you barry

Wow my legend Barry Manillow I can't smile without you I love you always 😘

Can’t be there but know it will be an amazing show. I love when Barry performs with orchestras. ❤️🎶

What a dream 💖😘

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Voting is now open for the Manilow Music Project $100,000 instrument and gear giveaway to a school band.   You can watch their application videos and vote here: http://bit.ly/mmp100k

P.S. Grab a box of tissues


Comment on Facebook

Why is it geographically restricted? Would love to have the chance to watch and vote even if I'm not in the US.

Voted! These videos from school bands are amazing! They are all deserving of help to keep the music going. Best of luck to each of them!

So many too choose from, there all fantastic 😀😀

Good luck to all the schools entering this.

I'm in the UK and unable to vote and can't even see who the choices are, a bit disappointed that all the fans can't vote because of geographical location restrictions :(

Such a great cause. Thank you Barry. 🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶

Such a wonderful cause!! Thank you, Barry Manilow, for all that you do!! Linda and Alan

I voted!

It would be nice to know the city and state locations.

OH Barry Manilow....HOW can you choose ?? I've only viewed the first 12 school requests, and they all have my vote!! I will continue to view and try to choose (and vote) for the one that needs your generous contribution... But- knowing you, and the folks you surround yourself with- you have a tough job ahead of you!!! Oh dear lord- I will pray! <3

Wow! All of them are amazing. Good luck to all of the schools, Mr. Manilow, you are doing some extraordinary work with Manilow Music Project.

They ALL deserve to win...how to choose????????

Voted good luck from the UK.

OMG...you weren't kidding about the tissues. The current band situation in some schools is just horrible. It was extremely hard, but I finally did vote. I wish all of them good luck...the MMP has a tough decision to make.

Voted this morning and yes I needed the tissues!

Just voted.

Oh my goodness ~ so many deserving schools! Voted! Good luck to them all🎶♥️

They are all so worthy. MMP is going to have a tough decision. Thank you for being a beacon of hope for these schools ❤️🎶

I voted, but Barry and the Manilow Music Project have a very hard decision to choose a winner out of so many deserving schools. It is heartbreaking to see how budget cuts have impacted school music programs. Thank you, MMP, for your wonderful mission and work to help these schools!!

Our Man is awesome to be doing what he is doing, God bless Barry.

It is sad that so many schools are in need of instruments. You are doing a wonderful thing Barry. It is difficult to vote for one, they all deserve it!

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