I'm going to your concert in Tucson Az on Monday.. I have never been to one yet.. Tried a few times in Vegas but you were not playing when I was there.. I named my youngest Daughter after your song Mandy. She was born in 1978.. She was murdered in 1991.. Could you please sing it for me so I can here it person 1 time??? Please Please... <3
I can't believe I am missing the last shows. :( Please say there will be a few more here and there. My first concert ever was in Bingamton, NY...perhaps 1983. The live shows with the can't smile girl left me breathless. I was in band in high school when your music was on the radio.Got me thru many tough times including my mother's death from cancer. I always felt like a loner and yet when I met more Barry fans, I felt part of something with wonderful friends.New friends, old friends over the years. I have been from Palm Springs to Radio City over the years. Never a bad concert from you, Barry. I became a "Can't Smile" girl(even though terribly shy) in 2002 and did two Platinums. Atanta, GA in 2014 was the last show I got to, only because of a wonderful Barry friend. :) Thank you for all the wonderful fun times, despite "real life", we fans.....and you keep going forward in life, but our love is always there, Barry. <3
Sitting in the parking lot waiting for the show!!!! Dusting off the front row tickets! 😀
I'm two weeks away from the end of my semester and soooo ready for summer vacation! Here I am writing a college paper and the only thing holding my sanity together is you blasting in my ears. 😄😄😄😄 Thank you Mr. Barry Manilow for being there in every journey of my life 💕💕💕
Thank you Barry for a great night in Nashville! I'm mom is 62 and this was our 2nd time seeing you together! We went to see you in 2011...she was lucky enough to see you many times in the 80s! We love you and you will always be our king of great love songs!😘
Thank you Highland Heights!!