Barry Manilow

Tune into Tonight At The Palladium on ITV at 11:15pm to watch Barry perform one of his classic all time hits. He will also be performing a song from his current album This Is My Town - Songs Of New York. Don’t miss Barry Manilow Live in Concert in Britain next month!


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Cant wait to see you in leeds again sept 1st!

Belinda Lorenzo-hernandez won’t be long now

Joanne Page

Not long till Leeds now...♥️

My friends and I were there! Was a fantastic evening and I am so glad it is being shown again. Looking forward to seeing it. See you in a couple of weeks.

Kerri Weir.😉💕💕

My Daughter and i were there Barry was a great evening 😊

The next best thing to being there....😊❤️

I will be watching I hope all the people who are going to be in London next month to enjoy your self because I went to see barry the last time he was in London and he was fantastic I saw the shows 3 times enjoy all love you so much honey xxxxxxxxxxx I hope that one day we can together until that day take care my love bye xxxxxxxxxxx

I was lucky enough to attend this show and will be lovely to re/live the evening. See you in the UK very soon!

Sheila Dyson 💕

I would love to watch but in The Netherlands we can't watch ITV...😥

I just watched him doing the show & two songs from from May 2017 on YouTube!! Seeing him in Vegas next month!

I’ll be watching 😀

I was there with my granddaughter Maizey Roberts Barry was fantastic, we had a blast. Can’t wait for September 😘😘

Oooo I wish I could go 'cause barry is not coming to the Netherlands but there is a financial hickup on my end so lovely British fans especially Karen Jones have FUN 😢😢😭😭😭

Sue Cross

What is ITV ? Watched him last night on Dionne Warwick Special.

See you all there 😀

Malley Pants 😊

Roll on 2nd September MEN and 8th September O2 ❤

Any chance we in the states can ever see this?

Ruth Dunning xxx

Will be watching my man tonight. xxxx 💙

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🎶 We decide to get away 
And have some fun 
Book a room and catch a flight 
For two weeks in the sun 
She says, Hawaiis too expensive. 
I say, Barbados isnt bad. 
She says, Id love to see Bermuda. 
And I say, Woman, are you mad!...🎶


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Such a brilliant showman...roll on Sept Moira Gofton

Another added to my Spotify library 😀 Thank you, Barry!

Bermuda Triangle .. it makes people disappear. Bermuda Triangle. Don't go too near. But she doesn't see my angle. And she thinks I'm being dumb. So Bermuda Triangle here we come! See you on your UK mini tour in TWO weeks!

Lol Barry, are you practicing that already for the UK tour???😂😂


Joanna Osborne

11.15pm on Sunday is a rerun of Tonight @ the Palladium! Barry topping the bill! Getting us warmed up nicely! Blood pressure is rising already - 😘💞😁

Fantastic alumb barry haven't heard Bermuda triangle for years it's not to bad a song all my love Sara xxx😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤

So.......where are you Barry?😃 I hope not in the Bermuda Triangle.... I want you to be with us forever so take care, have a good time, relax, and visit The Netherlands......😍😍😍

Just come back from Bermuda ..gorgeous..just like you.Mr M!

Roll on 2 weeks tomorrow 😊❤️❤️ see you in Manchester xx

Sweet heaven, next please x

Love it when you drop hints!! 😉

Hmm! Love the "British" bits yiu put in the show... Sweet Heaven.. IDWWWY.. but for me (and sorry if I offend but know many feel the same but won't say). Would so prefer to hear We'll Meet Again rather than Bermuda Triangle... to be fair Barry... it's fun but it wasn't your finest moment... lol...

You and Me in Leeds....cannot wait to see you beautiful talented people in 2 weeks. Ready to make more Manilow Memories!

Like song nice

Well I'm up for it again if you are Barry!😎

Thank you for the ear worm!!!

I've been sing that song all day

Oh no, not again !! lol.

There is no one quite like Barry Manilow. He has been entertaining us since 1973. A true American icon.

Ooh Barry so excited only 2 weeks till we see you it's going to be Fantastic xxx

Are we mad? YES! Completely mad for you Barry! Sooooo excited to see you at the O2!

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Barry Manilow will make a cameo on the PBS Special for Dionne Warwick: Then Came You - Airing August 18th 2018. The special will announce an exclusive Dionne Hits & Rarities CD, which contains four 1979 recordings produced by Barry, including a duet “Never Gonna Let You Get Away”...


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Can't wait to watch!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Saw her in Vegas in the late 70's

Roxy Bentley DVR?

She's absolutely fabulous and with Barry what a fantastic combination x


Hope we can get to see it in the UK!!!!!!

Thanks for the 411. I just recorded it on my DVR!

Thanks for letting us know Barry, this is brilliant!! I hope we can see the show here in the UK over the net. Anyone know of a internet link for the show?

Wish I could be there. It will be amazing.

Not in Dallas, TX tomorrow😢, will keep checking!

No Brasil 😢😢😢

David Kimble

Sharon Meehan

Cannot find it on channel 13 or 21

Just set the TiVo thanks for the heads up

What happened to her network for telling the future

Hope we can see it in uk Barry

Have my DVR all set!!!!

You'll never know how badly I needed this smile today. THANK YOU :)

Love Dionne

Awesome, set to record. She was in the crowd at one of Barry's shows in Chicago shortly after she released "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again". We as fans tried to convince her to go on stage with him and sing, but Barry said it wouldn't be fair to her as they had not rehearsed anything together. She's amazing.

I love heartbreaker

Please please if anyone has a recording can you post it because I can't find a link to it in the UK. Thank you!!

Awesome, will watch, thanks!

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