I've just read in the social network that there's a possibility that Barry includes Havana in his tour... they say that some Cuban musicians who are close to Barry have been told about it... They say it would be at Havana biggest theater (Karl Marx)...could this possibly be true !!!! Manilow has so many fans here !!! There are so many important American musicians and performers coming to Cuba lately, and even though there are important names in the list, Manilow just make a difference...One great show man who needs not of sophisticated technology to convince the public: just a bunch of excellent musicians, his splendid voice and his charisma to communicate with the audiences... In his concerts you will for sure experience joy, fun, deep emotions and can even shed one tear or two !!!! Wish this could come true...If it is so, I will sincerely try to do my best to be a witness of such a happening!!!! Does anybody know if this piece of news is true????
October 1, 2015

Hi everyone,

After a few months off to re-arrange Manilow TV, we’ve decided to begin the new and improved version with a very special video.

It’s the Birthday Show at Barclay Arena in Brooklyn, New York.

What a trip that one was!

I knew it was going to be special as soon as the curtain opened.

The sound of 11,000 people greeting me was overwhelming. Why didn’t I bring the Kleenex?

Those green glow sticks seemed to go up to the sky.

The show itself felt wonderful, and the audience kept getting more and more excited.

You couldn’t hear a peep from the crowd during my sorta’ kinda’ goodbye speech.

But just when I thought the band was going to play the last song, they crashed into “You Say It’s Your Birthday” and my singers rolled out a huge cake. It was wild.

I think you’ll love this concert. I sure did.

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Hi Everyone. Barry here.

Since the days of going on those long tours are coming to a close, I thought this might be a good time to remind you all about Manilow TV.

I think many of you know that ever since I started performing I have hit the “record” button; be it audio or video. Recordings of every show I’ve ever done are in a big vault. (Right next to my baby shoes and the Copacabana jacket!).

All of these recordings were meant only for reference and archival purposes. I would look at the shows each night after a concert, make notes, and give them to the staff so that we could tighten the show or change things.

But watching them brings back so many great memories! I know you will enjoy seeing them.

That’s what Manilow TV is all about.

Each month for the past six years, Marc and I have looked through hundreds of video tapes and DVD’s and picked a performance that we think you would enjoy and have shown it on Manilow TV. So far, there are 70 different shows.

Starting in October, we’ll post a new concert every month – beginning with my Birthday show on June 17th, 2015 at Barclay Arena in Brooklyn, New York.

These shows bring back such great memories. Big laughs, some tears and such talent! Lady Flash! Big bands, small bands, choirs! England! Germany! Australia! Japan! So many American cities!

Even though the shows were recorded on one camera and the video and audio is not professional network quality, I think they are very exciting. I think you will too.

How about the 2000 Christmas Tour?
Or Radio City Music Hall?
Or the last night at Paris Las Vegas?
You might even see yourself waving to do “Can’t Smile” with me!

I hope you come and relive our memories of 40 years of concerts, benefits, award evenings, private shows, and rehearsals.

You’ll even get to see a medley of my hair styles!

You’ll see it all on the new updated ManilowTV.

I hope you check it out.

And keep the Kleenex nearby.


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