FROM Vikki (The Prettiest One):

Yoo Hoo!

It’s me, Vikki…you know…The Prettiest One!

I have something very special to share with you today…

Check this out. I just got my hands on the new ONE LAST TIME! program…it just came off the press…in fact, it is still warm!

It’s also HUGE…

48 pages!
All color…
48 pages of photos of Barry…
Some retro…
Some new, never-before-seen photos (like Barry in a tux in an antique pick-up truck…oh yeah)…And…Some great photos from the ONE LAST TIME! Tour!

They only printed a limited amount…

So call me…

And get yours today!

Dial 310.957.5788 and I will hook you up! Or order online right here:

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this special Manilow collector’s item…

Call me!


Vikki (The Prettiest One)

P.S. If you had a Platinum or Copa Lounge Package, we are sending your program to you this week!

P.P.S. Like my new hat?
Dave Koz
Barry Manilow on Dave Koz, and their collaboration on "I Hear Her Playing Music": "This song is about a girl who continually listens to her favorite musician. I was so thrilled when Dave agreed to play on the album and on this cut in particular. Before we met in the studio, I recorded my vocal on the song, and when I got to the last chorus, it made perfect sense to sing, “And I hear her playing Dave Koz in her room alone at night”. You should have seen Dave’s face when he heard that section! Dave Koz is one of the most gifted musicians and entertainers in the music business. And as everyone who knows him will agree, one of the most beautiful human beings. Congratulations to my talented friend, Dave Koz on 25 years of great music." -Barry Manilow "I Hear Her Playing Music" is available now on “Collaborations: 25th Anniversary Collection”

Who has a copy of this album? What is your favorite song?
Take a minute and tell us what your favorite song is from 15 MINUTES!
My favorite Barry Manilow album is _________________.
Barry Manilow - A Capitol Fourth - Part 1 America The Beautiful / One Voice
Barry, I loved seeing you on "A Capitol Fourth" again this year. You were awesome as usual, and the "America The Beautiful/One Voice" Medley was so incredibly beautiful! Your performance of "Let Freedom Ring" with the choir and fireworks was amazing, you sounded fabulous, and you looked absolutely gorgeous! Even now, 40 years after Mandy, you still take my breath away!!! <3 :)