A Message from Vikki (The Prettiest One):

Hey Everyone!

It’s Waaaaaaare….hooooouuuuse….Weeeeeednesssssday!!!!


I NEED A SECURITY GUARD! Make that a tall, handsome security guard. Does Dwayne Johnson have a twin?

“A security guard” you ask?

Well….I unexpectedly grabbed some B-L-I-N-G out of the warehouse this week.

You see….I was headed to the shelf with the Bencini statues…you know that awesome, handmade, one-of-a-kind, you-can’t-get-it-anywhere-else, custom-made-in-Italy, it-looks-great-on-anyone’s-mantle…statue that is on the album cover of “Tryin’ To Get The Feeling.”

And to my sweet surprise, sitting next to the statues in the warehouse was an open safe full of P-R-E-T-T-Y. Of course, my “prettiness instincts” couldn’t resist. I found three incredible necklaces and a beautiful broach. All of which I MUST share with you…my friends. Good friends always share their bling.

For you, this week, the infamous statues are 50% OFF. You can thank me for offering this great deal when you call me.

Bencini Statue (50% OFF): http://bit.ly/1wcQ9IW
Bencini Necklace: http://bit.ly/1p4rei5
Bencini Broach: http://bit.ly/1uHGgPz
Star Necklace (Gold and Silver): http://bit.ly/1tIEZun

Call me! 310.957.5788.

OK…so, if Dwayne doesn’t have a twin…how about a look-a-like? I am pretty, but not picky. Yeah…right!


Vikki (The Prettiest One)
My favorite Barry Manilow song is ____________________.
I’m so sad. No music today. Joan, I’ll miss you forever.
It’s a new month, which means there is a new video on www.ManilowArchives.com! Chosen by Barry himself from his personal vault…this month’s video is from Barry’s 2011 concert in Youngstown, OH.

You can preview it and watch it at www.ManilowArchives.com.

Here is what Barry has to say about this month’s selection:

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a show that I remember vividly.

We were touring the middle of the country for a handful of shows in 2011 and bringing a full orchestra with us.

This wonderful orchestra filled with talented musicians was based out of Youngstown, Ohio, and the last show of that tour was in Youngstown.

I made sure that the audience knew the orchestra was made up of musicians from their city.

It was a dynamite show with a sensational audience.

I’ll never forget that show because everything about it was perfect. Sound, lights, arena, and this amazing audience’s reaction.

I’m so glad we got requests for this one. It brought back wonderful memories for me.

Hope you enjoy it.


MANILOW ARCHIVES - The Manilow Personal Audio & Video Archive
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Oh, Joanie.
This isn't funny.
Please wake up and be well.
I promise I'll be your piano player again, and for nothing again!
Loving you and praying for you.

Barry with Andy Williams at the Society of Singers 17th Annual ELLA Awards in 2008 in Beverly Hills.
Hey there all my pretty peeps…

It’s me, Vikki, The Prettiest One!

Not only is today “T minus 3 days” until the big holiday weekend…but it’s also WAREHOUSE WEDNESDAY!

So, before you totally check out for the week and prepare to go to the lake, the beach, the mountains, or your own backyard BBQ, take a minute to CHECK OUT this special deal…

As you know, I am the FIRST ONE to know everything around here.

So, the other day I noticed this big truck pulling up to the warehouse loading dock…

Because I am The Prettiest One and THE QUEEN BEE, I had to find out what was being delivered.

Was it copies of Barry’s new album? Already?
Was it the new red Corvette that I dreamed about the other night?
Did one of you send me a truck load of chocolate chip cookies?

Sadly, none of the above…

When Barry was in the UK….I asked them to make some extra gifts and goodies that we could bring back stateside. So…great news! Your ship has sailed! (Or should that be docked? Whatever.)
Anyway…the ship of goodies is now in LA.

And did they ever deliver some goodies!
All so good that I can’t pick just one to discount just for you…but I have to.

So…one, two, three…rock, paper, scissors…
It’s the “2014 UK Tour T-Shirt.” And you can get it NOW for a 50% discount!

Check the discounted 2014 UK Tour Shirt right here: http://bit.ly/1tc5OH4

Because I had such a hard decision this week, I asked the “people upstairs” if I could offer you FREE SHIPPING on all of the goodies listed below for the next two days.
Because I am so pretty and charming…they said YES!
Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on the following items:

Manilow Crest 3/4 Henley Shirt: http://bit.ly/1tBd2TJ
Manilow Crest Keychain: http://bit.ly/1ld8Ach
Manilow Crest Knit Soccer Scarf: http://bit.ly/1taEGIz
Manilow Crest Patch: http://bit.ly/VQ2FOx
Manilow Crest Puff Jacket: http://bit.ly/1ld8Qbq
Manilow Crest Soccer Jersey: http://bit.ly/1nA06Yr
Manilow Crest Track Jacket: http://bit.ly/1C0szAn
Men's Striped Crest Polo: http://bit.ly/1sydrUg
Women's Striped Crest Polo: http://bit.ly/YWLdKa
2014 UK Tour Shirt: http://bit.ly/1tc5OH4
Photo Mug: http://bit.ly/1q35qIn

Give me a call at 310.957.5788 before you hit the road….Have a wonderful weekend friends!


The Prettiest One