In case you haven't seen it yet, this is the last week to watch Midnight With Manilow........exclusively on Thanks for the great comments from everyone who there in Denver, and for all of you who have watched the program online. It was quite a night. For ALL of us.
Hi Everyone. Barry here. Since the days of going on those long tours are coming to a close, I thought this might be a good time to remind you all about ManilowTV. I think many of you know that ever since I started performing I have hit the “record” button; be it audio or video. Recordings of every s...
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Hi Barry, Here's an interesting story for you.... I decided to do some spring cleaning in my cupboard and, lo and behold, I came across a bag of old audio tapes and guess what? One of the tapes was the Stars Salute to Israel's 30th anniversary! I knew I had it somewhere and I was so excited to see it again after so many years. I put it in the machine and it was as sharp and clear as when I first taped it in 1978. I had taped it then for posterity not knowing that I was about to get knocked off my feet..... The announcer said: "Joining tonight's party, Mr. Barry Manilow......" I had never seen you before and you came out all in white and sang a special version of "Riders to the stars" in tribute to Israel's story: "Did you ever see a dream come true A miracle in the rain Just when you're thinking the music is gone Hear it coming back again People been searching for so long Trying just to get back home Reaching for something that hoping can bring Something to call their own.... (Bridge): Some folks find sunshine and some just survive God knows it's not easy just being alive...." What a thrill it was for me to see you for the first time, and on such a joyous occasion honoring our country.... You then wished us a happy birthday and sang "I am your child" and "Make our garden grow" was a truly touching performance and it was great to listen to again. I hope it finds its way onto MTV so I can see it again and relive that thrill all over again... Thanks for honoring our country (which is your country too, lol) and I hope you get a chance to do it again in person. Have a great weekend.
My dearest Mr. Manilow, I cannot believe it took me until now to discover the "Dream Duets" CD. I am blown away! Such an incredible project - absolutely perfect arrangements, touching memories of (and beautiful tributes to) the artists you sang with - I'm playing it over and over. Impossible to pick a favourite piece, but "The Look of Love" or "Moon River" are right up there. The duet with Whitney brings tears. And the first piece with Jimmy Durante - just classic! Your voice blends so beautifully in every song. Just wanted to send a note of gratitude for this wonderful CD. <3
NDR Niedersachsen
Barry Manilows "Copacabana" steht im Mittelpunkt der Sommertour in Stadt Lohne. Wie gut kennen Sie den Hit und die 70er?
I've finished watching this month's Manilow TV shows and loved every one! Thank you so much Barry for sharing these gems with us. One of my favorite viewing moments was when you sang CSWY at the New Jersey concert with the two young kids! Your reaction to them knowing the words was priceless! I would love to see a full hour or two of nothing but CSWY duets on Manilow TV, including the duet with your mother!
Bada Boom.....

Over the years Barry would often surprise us on the UK Tours by sharing some of his favorite jokes. Some are real groaners. Some make you split your sides. But all will make you laugh. We decided to share some of the highlights. Feel free to share them with your friends on FaceBook.

"Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith live next door to one another, right?

One wintry, snowy, cold morning Mr. Jones wakes up, takes a look at his lawn and runs next door to Mr. Smith's and knocks on his door and says, "Mr. Smith, I'm very upset at your son. I woke up this morning, I looked at my lawn and your son had peed his name in the snow!"

Mr. Smith says, "Well, boys will be boys."

Mr. Jones says, "Yeah, but it was in my daughter's handwriting.""

Ba Boom Boom