Barry Manilow

Scores: Songs from Copacabana and Harmony

Just Arrived [3:59]
Dancin’ Fool [2:40]
Who Needs To Dream? [3:56]
Sweet Heaven (I’m In Love Again) [3:43]
Bolero de Amor [4:31]
This Can’t Be Real [4:15]
Copacabana (At The Copa) 2005 Dance Mix [5:03]
Harmony [4:38]
And What Do You See? [3:43]
Every Single Day [2:59]
This Is Our Time! [3:04]
Where You Go [3:35]
In This World [4:23]
Stars In The Night [4:00]

Concord Records 2251 (Released September 28, 2004)
Long involved as a songwriter for musical theater, “SCORES” finally gives the superstar singer-songwriter the chance to record his personal renditions of songs he has written for two of his major musical properties, Harmony and Copacabana.
HARMONY, is based on the true story of Germany’s “Comedian Harmonists.” Recognized as the world’s first superstar boy band, The Comedian Harmonists enjoyed worldwide album and movie success before being forced to disband by the Nazi regime. Based on a book by Bruce Sussman, the songs for HARMONY were co-written by Manilow and Sussman.
After phenomenal reviews during its regional production at the prestigious La Jolla Playhouse, HARMONY is scheduled to open on Broadway during the next season.
COPACABANA, which Manilow wrote along with Bruce Sussman and Jack Feldman started as a worldwide number one hit song in 1978 before morphing into an original musical movie made for CBS television and then ultimately a musical for the stage. COPACABANA enjoyed a successful 14 month run on London�s West End before an 18 month tour of the UK. Since then, there have been more than 100 productions of COPACABANA: The Musical on stage throughout the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Europe, and India.
Includes seven songs from each of the productions, “SCORES” is being co-produced by Manilow and legendary, multi-Grammy award winner Phil Ramone.
Produced by: Phil Ramone and Barry Manilow
Associate Producer: david benson
Executive Producers: Garry C. Kief and Rob Kief
Recorded and Mixed by: Dave Reitzas
Production Manager: Jill Dell’Abate
Piano: Steve Welch, Ron Walters, Ron Pedley, Andy Rumble, and Barry Manilow
Synthesizers: Ron Pedley
Drums: Russ McKinnon
Acoustic Bass: Chuck Berghofer
Guitar: Mike Lent
Violins: Charlie Bisharat, Rebecca Bunnell, Eve Butler, Darius Campo, Kevin Connolly, Joel DeRouin, Lisa Dondlinger, Assa Drori C.M., Bruce Dukov C.M., Ron Folsom, Berj Garabedian, Peter Kent, Raymond Kobler, Johana Krejci, Jennifer Munday, Katia Popov, Jim Stark, Haim Strum, Yan To, Olivia Tsui Irina Voloshina, Dynell Weber, Sherrie Zippert
Violas: Brett Banducci, Bob Becker, Caroline Buckman, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Miguel Ferguson, Vickie Miskolszy, Kazie Pitelka, Harry Shirinian
Celli: Trevor Handy, John Krovoza, Armen Ksajikian, Tim Landauer, Tina Soule, David Speltz, Cecelia Tsan
Harp: Julie Berghofer, Gayle Levant
Woodwinds: Lee Callet, Bob Carr, Gene Cipriano, Jeff Driskill, Phil Feather, Dan Higgins, Greg Huckins
Trumpets: Rick Baptist, Wayne Bergeron, Warren Luening, Larry McGuire, Frank Szabo
Trombones: Bryant Byers, Craig Gosnell, Alan Kaplan, Bob McChesney, Charlie Moriallas, Chauncey Welsch
French Horns: Dan Kelley, Paul Klintworth, John Reynolds, Trish Skye
Percussion: Mark Converse, Dan Greco
Orchestra Contractor: Joe Soldo
Digital Audio and Sequencing: david benson, Greg Bartheld, Gino Finley and Steve Deutsch
Music Preparation by Terry Woodson Music
Assistant to Barry Manilow: Marc Hulett
Recorded at: Henson Studios, LA; O’Henry Studios, Burbank, CA; Peppertree Studios, Palm Springs, CA; and Sunset Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Engineers: Nick Marshall, Mark Valentine
Mixed at: O’Henry Studios, Burbank, CA
Assistant Engineers: Nick Marshall, Scott Moore
Mastered by: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC
Olivia Newton-John appears courtesy of ONJ Productions
Personal Management: Garry C. Kief (STILETTO Entetainment)
Art Direction: Sara Zickuhr, John Adams (STILETTO Entertainment)
Publishing Administrator: Kirsten Kief (STILETTO Entertainment)
Production Supervisors: Abbey Anna, Kurt Sievert (CONCORD Records)
Photography: Jeff Katz
Music by Barry Manilow
Lyrics by Bruce Sussman and Jack Feldman
Book by Jack Feldman, Bruce Sussman and Barry Manilow
“Just Arrived”
Arranged by Larry Hochman with Barry Manilow
All vocals by Barry Manilow
“Dancin’ Fool”
Arranged by Andy Rumble with Barry Manilow
All vocals by Barry Manilow
“Who Needs To Dream?”
Music by Barry Manilow and Artie Butler
Arranged by Artie Butler
Originally recorded by Anthony D’Amico and Mixed by Joel Moss
Recording from the 1985 CBS Television Movie
Published by Careers-BMG Music Publishing Inc./Appoggiatura Music/Camp Songs Music BMI/Artie Butler Music ASCAP
“Sweet Heaven (I’m In Love Again)”
Arranged by Artie Butler
Originally recorded by Joel Moss
“Bolero de Amor”
Arranged by Larry Hochman with Barry Manilow
“This Can’t Be Real (duet with Olivia Newton-John)”
Arranged by Andy Rumble with Barry Manilow
Additional String Arrangement by J.B. Griffiths
Drums and percussion by Dave Reitzas
“Copacabana (At The Copa) (2005 Dance mix)”
Produced and arranged by david benson and Jez Colin
Original arrangement by Artie Butler
Background vocals by Lauren Evans and Barry Manilow
Copacabana Score published by Careers-BMG Music Publishing Inc./Appoggiatura Music/Camp Songs Music BMI
Music by Barry Manilow
Book and Lyrics by Bruce Sussman
Arranged by Don Sebesky
All vocals by Barry Manilow
“And What Do You See?”
Arranged by Don Sebesky
“Every Single Day”
Arranged by Artie Butler
“This Is Our Time!”
Arranged by Doug Walter with Barry Manilow
“Where You Go”
Arranged by Artie Butler
“In This World”
Arranged by Don Sebesky
All vocals by Barry Manilow
“Stars In The Night”
Arranged by Jonathan Tunick
Harmony Score published by Obbligato Music/Appoggiatura Music BMI