Barry Manilow

Paradise Café

FIRST SET [22:25]
Paradise Cafe [5:23]
Where Have You Gone [4:35]
Say No More [4:06]
Blue (with Sarah Vaughan) [4:16]
When October Goes [4:04]
SECOND SET [26:50]
What Am I Doin’ Here [3:17]
Goodbye My Love [4:25]
Big City Blues (with Mel Torme) [4:14]
When Love Is Gone [4:17]
I’ve Never Been So Low On Love [4:26]
Night Song [4:28]

Release Date: November 1984
Produced and Arranged by Barry Manilow
Musicians: George Duvivier (Bass), Mundell Lowe (Guitar), Barry Manilow (Piano), Shelly Manne (Drums), Bill Mays (Piano and Rhodes), Gerry Mulligan (Baritone Sax)
Digitally Recorded at Westlake Studio ‘C’, Los Angeles, California, by Michael Braunstein
Assistant Engineer – Deni King
Album Coordinator – Eric Borenstein
Assistant to Barry Manilow – Roger Wall
Contractor – Shaun Harris
Art Direction – Ria Lewerke
Logo Design – Sue Reilly & Barry Manilow
Front Cover Photography – Leon Lecash
Back Cover Photography – Jay Thompson
Grooming – Charles Mercuri
2nd Assistant Engineer – Greg Laney
Special Thanks to Garry Kief, Richard Goldman, Les Joyce, Irene Minett, Walt Zifkin, Michael Ameen, Clive Davis, Tucker Cheadle, Roberta Kent, Nina Foch, Karl Ellis, Lou Genetti, Susan Borgeson, Rebecca Larsen, Bill Swan, Jack Pierce, and of course, Linda, Bagel and Biscuit.
Extra Thanks to all of my friends and fans for giving me the encouragement and support to make this album. This album that I love so madly.
Loving Thanks to my Step Father, Willie Murphy, for introducing me to this kind of music before I knew that I was blessed.
This One’s For You, Mom!
Barry Manilow plays a Yamaha C-5 piano.
Remastered (Manilow Master) CD (1996)
Remastered by Wally Traugott at Tower Mastering/Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA (Arista 07822-18945-2)
This album was more than just another album for me. It served to remind me of why I had gotten into the music business.

The title and the concept came to me in a dream. I always know I’m onto something when I get ideas in dreams. These projects always go smoothly. PARADISE CAFE was composed and recorded in less than two months.

My dear writing colleagues and I finished composing all the songs within weeks. It took no time for me to arrange the entire album. And all the stellar musicians and singers agreed to join me without hesitation.

Working with these legendary men and women for an entire week was a thrill I will never forget. Hearing them play and sing my music was one of the most profound gifts I have ever received.

Out of all my albums, this is the one I’d like to be remembered for.

Barry Manilow (1996)

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Barry Manilow International Fan Club (Covina, California) listed
LP inner sleeve contains lyrics