Barry Manilow

Live on Broadway

Sweet Life/It’s A Long Way Up [6:56]
Brooklyn Blues [3:41]
Memory [4:18]
Up Front (Barry, Debra Byrd and Company) [5:30]
God Bless The Other 99 (Barry and Company) [4:38]
Mandy/It’s A Miracle [5:26]

Some Good Things Never Last (Duet with Debra Byrd) [5:34]
If You Remember Me [3:36]
Do Like I Do [3:50]
The Best Seat In The House [3:47]

The Gonzo Hits Medley [22:09]
If I Can Dream [4:41]

Release Date: April 17, 1990 (Recorded December 2-3, 1989)
Produced by Barry Manilow and Michael Delugg
Recorded and Mixed by Michael Delugg
The Players: Bud Harner (Music Director & Drums), Ron Pedley (Music Director & Keyboards), Marc Levine (Bass Guitar, Cello & Vocals), John Pondel (Guitar & Vocals), Joe Melotti/Billy Kidd (Keyboards & Vocals), Vanessa Brown (Percussion, Violin & Vocals), Dana Robbins (Woodwinds & Vocals), Debra Byrd (Vocals)
The Stage Show: Directed by Kevin Carlisle; Original Production Created and Produced by Joe Gannon; Written by Ken and Mitzie Welch, Roberta Kent, Barry Manilow; Production Designer – Jeremy Railton; Lighting Designer – J.T. McDonald; Visual Images – Julio Campos/Kevin Roberts
The Tour: Tour Manager – Les Joyce; Production Manager – Gary Speakman; Stage Manager – Jack Albeck; Assistant Tour Manager – Victor Bridgers; Tour Advance – Charlie Robertson; Production Assistants – Randy Doney/Kathy Carey; Music Copyist & Librarian – Karen Smith; Wardrobe Master – Phillip Dennis; Drum Technician – John Bunker; Keyboard Technician – Terry Lawless; Head Carpenter – Dana Vanella; Carpenter – Kevin Spinks; Lighting Director – Jonathan Holt; Lighting Contractor – Peter Clarke and John Lee (Supermick Lights, Inc.); Head Electrician – James Geoghegan; Electrician – John Harper; Gel-Jet Operator/Electrician – Mary Malley; Sound Contractor – Rikki Farr & Pierre D’Astugues (Electrotec Productions, Inc.); House Engineer – Russell Fischer; Monitor Engineer – Michael Graphix; Head Audio Technician – Billy Chrysler; Audio Technician – Mark Tooch; Visual Images – Kevin Roberts (Slide Programmer), Andy Jackson (Projectionist); Musical Instruments Furnished by Yamaha International
Executive in Charge of Production – Eric Borenstein
Assistant to Mr. Manilow – Marc Hulett
Digitally Mastered by Tom Coyne at The Hit Factory DMS (New York City)
Art Direction and Design – Carolyn Quan
Cover Photo – Barry Dahlkoetter
Montage Photos – Larry Busacca/Retna Ltd., Mark Hulett, Kevin Roberts, Christie Sayre and Dennis Hallinan
Back Cover Photo – Steven R. Straub
Recorded at the Chicago Theatre (Chicago, Illinois), December 2 and 3, 1989; Fanta Professional Services; Johnny Rosen
Mixed at The Power Station (New York City), Assistant Engineer – Dan Gellert; Sound Track, Inc. (New York City), Assistant Engineer – David Lebowitz; Image Recording (Hollywood, CA), Assistant Engineeer – Jason Roberts
Assembled at The hit Factory (New York City) by Chris Tergesen and Michael Delugg, Assistant Engineer – Paul Logus
Production Assistant – Glenn Wygant
Management – Garry C. Kief, Steve Wax, Eric Borenstein (Stiletto Management, Inc.; Hollywood, CA)
Barry Manilow Live on Broadway is the culmination of a two-and-a-half year world tour seen by more than 1-1/2 million people. If you’re one of those million, you know why you bought this album. If not, you’re in for an inspiring experience.
As two of those who helped Barry put this show together, we’ve seen and heard it uncountable times. You’d think we’d be tired of it, and him. In fact, we’re amazed how it’s grown and how Barry has grown on us. Going in, we were prepared for his total musicality. As we’ve spent more and more time with him, as a performer and as a friend, we’ve discovered his honesty, his spontaneity, and his compassion for others, his way of making it all seem effortless. Of course, it isn’t effortless. He has an absolute obsession to make whatever he does better. He’s a compulsive crazy perfectionist and we love him for it.

What Barry sets out to do in this show is to open his life to us, starting the theme at the top with “Sweet Life” together with “It’s A Long Way Up,” and we’re off on our musical journey. As Barry says, quoting John Kennedy: “We can’t know where we’re going until we know where we’ve been.” With “Brooklyn Blues” he takes us back to his beginnings, to his early self-doubt, and through “Memory” to early fantasies as a back-up singer in “Up Front.” Once he finds the piano he’s off on his first career as an accompanist for the brave souls auditioning for Broadway shows, souls whom he honors in “God Bless The Other Ninety-Nine” and through whom he learns to take risks. And he takes a giant one when he leaves his job and his family, hits the road as a singer, and loses everything except his new dream: a hit record, and a dream that comes true with “Mandy” which leads to celebration, a gospel update of “It’s A Miracle.”

In Act II, Barry deals with his failed marriage in “Some Good Things Never Last” and with his ongoing life as ‘a hopeful romantic’ in “If You Remember Me.” He and the band let go with “Do Like I Do,” he acknowledges all of us with “The Best Seat In The House,” and we’re ready to follow him into what he calls his “Gonzo Medley” of twenty-plus hits. When we think he’s gone as far as he can go, he takes us further with the reassuring message of “If I Can Dream.”

It’s quite a story: the story of a man who overcame the slums of Brooklyn, the broken home, the missing father, the failed marriage and, along the way, some of the worst reviews in the world, by holding on to his dream. Through it, he makes us feel that if he can do it, so can we all.

We once asked Barry why he thought he was here on earth. He answered: “To learn how to love.” In his willingness to learn, he’s become a good teacher. We’ll always be grateful.

Mitzie and Ken Welch

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Another CD entitled “Memory/Live on Stage” (SAAR srl CD 12051) (1993) contains 10 of these live tracks but in a different order: “Mandy/It’s A Miracle”, “Brooklin Blues” (misspelled), “If You Remember Me”, “Memory”, “The Gonzo Hits Medley”, “If I Can Dream”, “Sweet Life/It’s A Long Way Up”, “Up Front”, “Do Like I Do”, “God Bless The Other 99” (Thanks to Matt Wallach for this update and the “Live On Stage” graphic (12/1/97, 1/27/98))
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“God Bless The Other 99” (songwriters – Ken & Mitzie Welch), Little Jug Music, Inc. (ASCAP), Townsway Music (BMI)
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