Barry Manilow

Greatest Hits Vol. I

Mandy [3:15]
New York City Rhythm [4:42]
Ready To Take A Chance Again [3:01]
Looks Like We Made It [3:33]
Daybreak (Live) [3:36]
Can’t Smile Without You [3:13]
It’s A Miracle [3:42]
Even Now [3:28]
Bandstand Boogie [2:49]
Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again [3:51]
Produced by Barry Manilow and Ron Dante
It’s hard to believe that it was only four years ago that I first met Barry. I had gone to Central Park to see him open for Dionne Warwick. There he was relating to 8,000 people, most of whom did not know who he was, with incredible verve, enthusiasm and musicality. He was thoroughly professional yet refreshingly innocent. In one sense he dared the audience not to succumb, and yet he did so with that genuine Manilow air of absolutely incredulous wonder that the crowd was already loudly claiming him as their own personal discovery. That sense of pure boyish bewilderment that his talent is loved, cherished and respected is still with him today despite the fact that his fans are legion, now numbering in the millions.

Today, Barry Manilow is peerless in the world of popular music. His interpretive performances rank him at the top. He’s the unquestioned best arranger of songs in America today. Further, he brilliantly co-produces his own records and, even more, he has written many of his own giant hits. For those who love a great song, a great melody, a great rhythm, Barry Manilow is synonymous with music itself. More important than his now historic sales achievements is his uncanny ability to reach the average person in a way to meaningfully affect that person’s life. That is artistry.

And yet, with all the popular acclaim surrounding him, Barry has never lost perspective on the important values of life. His sense of loyalty, responsibility and caring for others has only increased with time. So, let me dedicate this album to him as a wonderful artist, composer and friend. Success could not have found a more deserving person.

Clive Davis

Engineer: Michael Delugg
Cover Photography by Ron Harris; Inside Photography by Lee Gurst; Back Cover Photography by John Ford; Art Direction by Donn Davenport
“Ready To Take A Chance Again”, Ensign Music, Kamakazi Music Corp. BMI
See albums “Barry Manilow I”, “Barry Manilow II”, “Tryin’ To Get The Feeling”, “This One’s For You” and “Even Now” for other publisher credits
Double album (regular or picture disks)
Single CD (missing “Jump Shout Boogie”)
CD (ARCD 8039) available in three configurations:
(1) ARCD 8039 DIDY 479 (total time = 70:50) has Disco version of “Copa…” [5:45], Live version of “Daybreak” [3:49] and a slightly shorter album version of “It’s A Miracle” [3:45];
(2) ARCD 8039 DIDY 479 (total time = 68:49) has Original version of “Copa…” [4:01], Studio version of “Daybreak” [3:09], and a slightly remixed version of “It’s A Miracle” [3:56];
(3) ARCD 8039 DIDX 162 (Made in Japan) (total time = 69:06) has Original version of “Copa…” [4:00], Live version of “Daybreak” [3:49] and a slightly shorter album version of “It’s A Miracle” [3:44].
(Beware! The CDs look identical even though the versions of songs listed may not be exactly what appears on the CD)
Japanese LP version (updated 1981?) has slightly different order of songs, and contains 20 tracks instead of 19. Includes “Bermuda Triangle,” “(Why Don’t We Try) A Slow Dance,” “Ships,” and “I Made It Through The Rain” instead of “Bandstand Boogie,” “Somewhere In The Night,” and “This One’s For You.”