Barry Manilow

Even Now

Copacabana (At The Copa) [4:08]
Somewhere In The Night [3:26]
A Linda Song [3:20]
Can’t Smile Without You [3:13]
Leavin’ In The Morning [3:25]
Where Do I Go From Here [3:07]
Even Now [3:28]
I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) [3:29]
Losing Touch [2:40]
I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life [3:39]
Starting Again [2:40]
Sunrise [3:16]

Produced by Ron Dante and Barry Manilow
A Letter To My Friends

Artists face a deluge of requests for charitable endorsements and benefit performances. There are always so many worthwhile causes; so many public interest groups we would like to help and, unfortunately, so little time.

Although my schedule seems to expand daily, I have decided to support The Cousteau Society, headed by Captain Jacques Cousteau. As I am sure you have, I have heard about Captain Cousteau for years. I was fortunate enough to actually meet him.

As an ocean explorer for 30 years, he has dramatized the rapid deterioration of sea life. It is a disturbing situation caused by the same kind of human abuse that is destroying our land and air environment. His warnings, fortunately, are being heard. For example, the efforts of The Cousteau Society compelled the Italian government to remove from the Mediterranean Sea scores of drums of deadly gas in a sunken ship. The drums were being left to rust open and disperse death in the water for thousands of miles.

The Cousteau Society is working to halt human destruction of the entire environment on behalf of future generations who cannot raise their voices against the degradation and consumption of their inheritance. If you wish to join me in supporting The Cousteau Society’s work you can contact them at:

Dept. M
777 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10017



Engineer: Michael Delugg
Rhythm Section: Ronnie Zito (Drums), Will Lee (Bass), Barry Manilow (Piano), Bill Mays (Keyboards), Hitch Holder (Guitar), Allan Estes (Percussion)
Background Voices: Ron Dante and Barry Manilow
Musicians contractor in California – Shaun Harris; Musicians contractor in New York – Artie Kaplan
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California
Assistant Engineer – Derek Dunan
“Somewhere In The Night” recorded at Media Sound Studios, NYC
Cover Design – Barry Manilow & Lee Gurst
Photography – Lee Gurst
Special Thanks – Clive Davis, Miles Lourie, Dick Fox, Michael Stipanich, Marty Goldrod, Deboray Gray, David Cumming and of course, Linda and Bagel.
Extra Special Thanks to Michael Devereaux for getting me through my life for the last year and a half
This album is dedicated to the memory of Heather Nelson
Re-issued (Expanded Edition) CD (Arista/GRP 82876 812362, 5/9/2006) includes bonus tracks “I’m Comin’ Home Again [3:44]” and “No Love For Jenny [2:44]”
Remastered (Manilow Master) CD (1996) includes bonus track “No Love For Jenny [2:44]” and the Disco version [5:43] of “Copacabana (At The Copa)”
Remastered by Wally Traugott at Tower Mastering/Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA (Arista 07822-18946-2)
Recording the EVEN NOW album is one of the happiest memories I have. Ron Dante and I, joined by the talented engineer Michael Delugg, seemed to be on a roll, each song exploding as soon as we began recording.

I remember “Copacabana” was irresistible from the start but became addictive after Alan Estes, our percussionist, contributed that signature cowbell.

I remember what a great thrill it was singing “I Was A Fool (To Let You Go)” with Artie Butler’s brilliant orchestra.

And I remember beautiful Karen Carpenter stopping by the A&M control room to say hello. We played her “Can’t Smile Without You” and she nodded and said, “That’s going to be a number one record. I wish it were mine!”

Barry Manilow (1996)

“Copacabana (At The Copa)”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp., Appoggiatura Music, Inc., Camp Songs Music BMI; Orchestration – Artie Butler; Background Vocals – Ginger Blake, Linda Dillard, Laura Creamer
“Somewhere In The Night”, Irving Music, Inc., Rondor Music (London Ltd.) BMI; Bass – Bob Babbit; Drums – Jimmy Young; Guitar – Jeff Mirinoff; Electric Piano – Paul Shaffer; Percussion – Jimmy Maelen; Piano – Barry Manilow; Orchestration – Dick Behrke
“A Linda Song”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp., Catapult Music; Guitar – Lee Ritenour; Orchestration – Richard Winzeler
“Can’t Smile Without You”, Dick James Music, Inc. BMI; Orchestration – Artie Butler
“Leavin’ In The Morning”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp.; String Arp – Barry Manilow
“Where Do I Go From Here”; Orchestration – Jimmie Haskell
“Even Now”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp. BMI; Orchestration – Artie Butler
“I Was A Fool (To Let You Go)”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp.; Orchestration – Artie Butler
“Losing Touch”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp., Appoggiatura Music, Inc., Camp Songs Music; Orchestration – Jimmie Haskell
“I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life”; Orchestration – Jimmie Haskell
“Starting Again”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp.; Orchestration – Jimmie Haskell
“Sunrise”, 1978 Kamakazi Music Corp., Angela Music Co.; Guitar – Jay Graydon; Orchestration – Jimmie Haskell
“No Love For Jenny” – Barry’s Note (2006): Here’s a very ambitious piece about a young girl forced to make a living on the streets. I think Adrienne’s lyric is terribly moving and I’m very proud of the melody and arrangement.
“I’m Comin Home Again” – Barry’s Note (2006): This is an unfinished rendition of Bruce [Roberts] and Carole [Bayer Sager]’s beautiful song. The vocal is a guide vocal I sang as we played the basic rhythm track. We meant to add a full orchestra and I would then sing the final vocal, but since the song never made the final cut, we never finished it. But it’s such a beautiful song, I’m glad to be able to include this very rough rendition of it here.
Pre-1996 CD versions list the 4:08 version of Copacabana as Track 1, however, contain the 5:45 version instead; Manilow Master (1996) contains and lists the Disco version of “Copacabana”
LP inner sleeve contains lyrics