Barry Manilow

Copacabana Cast Album

Overture Copacabana (Opening Sequence) performed by The Company
Just Arrived Lola & Women Hopefuls
Dancin’ Fool Tony & Company
Night On The Town Ensemble
Man Wanted Lola
Lola Tony
Who Needs To Dream? Tony
Ay Caramba! The Copa Girls
Bolero De Amor Rico & Company
Sweet Heaven Tony & The Copa Girls
Who Am I Kidding? Sam, Gladys, Doormen
Who Am I Kidding? (Reprise) Gladys
This Can’t Be Real Lola, Stephen
Welcome To Havana Conchita & The Trop Boys
The Mermaid’s Tale Mermaids
El Bravo! Lola & Pirates
Who Needs To Dream? (Reprise) Stephen & Samantha
Copacabana (Finale) Stephen & Company
Produced for record by Barry Manilow and Stewart Mackintosh
The Company: Gary Wilmot (Tony/Stephen), Nicola Dawn (Lola), Richard Lyndon (Rico), Anna Nicholas (Conchita), Howard Attfield (Sam), Jenny Logan (Gladys), Duncan Smith (McManus), and Sarah Bayliss, Warren Carlyle, Sergio Covino, Jonathan Craige, Tracy Darnell, Kerry Dawkins, John Derekson, Jon Emmanuel, Douglas Franklin, Rebekka Gibbs, Natalie Holtom, Petrina Johnson, Adam Richard Jones, Gina Lee Lincoln, David Olton, Rebecca Parker, Trudi Rees, Martin Ryan, Nicola Smythe, Melanie Stace, Laurence Stark, Eli Stalhand, Andy Tyler, Bryn Walters, and Rachel Wollrich (Ensemble)
Co-ordinated for First Night Records by John Craig
Recorded and Mixed by Toby Alington
Recorded at the Palace Theatre, Manchester on 5th, 6th & 7th May 1994 on the Manor Mobile (Assistant Engineer – Dave Porter, Bernhard Speyer & Roy Spong) and at Parr Street Studios (Liverpool) on 9th, 10th & 11th May (Assistant Engineers – Dave Buchanan & Steve McKelvie)
Additional recording by Ian Hu and John Carrol at Spirit Studios Manchester
Mixed at Raezor Studios, Wandsworth (Assistant Engineer – Steve Musters)
Mastered at AudioEdit, Twickenham
With thanks to Tom Button, Jill Rowley & Eva Feistenhammer, Frank Lee-White, The Crew of Copacabana and The Staff of the Palace Theatre, Manchester
Assistant to Barry Manilow – Marc Hulett
Production Photographs – Clive Barda
Design – Haymarket Advertising Ltd.
Executive Produced for Emerald Bay Productions by Garry C. Kief and John Ashby
Opening Night at The Prince of Wales Theatre, London, 23 June 1994