Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow Live (Legacy Edition)

Riders To The Stars [4:48]
Why Don’t We Live Together [3:45]
Looks Like We Made It [4:00]
New York City Rhythm [5:12]
A Very Strange Medley (V.S.M.) (Kentucky Fried Chicken / State Farm Insurance / Stridex / Band Aids / Bowlene / Dr. Pepper / Pepsi / McDonalds) [6:10]
Jump Shout Boogie Medley (Jump Shout Boogie / Avenue C / Jumpin’ At The Woodside / Cloudburst / Bandstand Boogie) [8:16]
This One’s For You [4:14]

Beautiful Music (Part I) [2:02]
Daybreak [4:17]
Lay Me Down [4:41]
Weekend In New England [4:16]
Studio Musician [4:15]

Beautiful Music (Part II) [1:15]
Could It Be Magic/Mandy [8:00]
It’s A Miracle [5:14]
It’s Just Another New Years Eve [4:21]
I Write The Songs [4:31]
Beautiful Music (Part III) [2:21]

Produced by Barry Manilow and Ron Dante
March, 1977
New York City

Hi –

First, let me welcome you and thank you for adding this album to your record collection. These discs were recorded live at the Uris Theatre in New York City in December 1976 while in the middle of a 98 city American tour that began in July 1976 and ended in April 1977.

We have tried to capture some of the incredible excitement with which were were greeted during those ten months, but it was absolutely impossible to even try to capture other equally incredible moments: That show in Chicago when I took off my jacket with a flourish and my fly was open! That night in Ohio when I ripped Reparata’s cape off and it caught on her choker (darn near threw her into the drums before I realized the cape was caught!!) The show when the Harp player wouldn’t stop playing the last run on “Weekend In New England” and kept playing all the while I was introducing the next song!!! That night in Philly when that very strange gentleman jumped up on stage and insisted that he do his imitation of a frog for the entire audience (and he did!!!!).

Hysterically funny moments and infuriatingly maddening moments; the lousy hotels and the spectacular ones, the planes that were late, the food that was gross, the colds, the flu, the broken bones and all the show business cliches you’ve ever heard of. But miraculously we have all lived to tell the tale and hopefully some of the miracle is on these records. Enjoy,


This album would have never been recorded had it not been for the wisdom and guidance of my manager Miles Lourie, my personal agent Dick Fox and my hero Clive Davis.

My Extra Special thanks go to Michael Devereaux, Josh Ellis, Debbie Gray, Richard DiOrio, Mark McManus, Steve Radosh, Virginia Harrison, Penny Dante, Vivian Delugg and of course Linda and Bagel.

The tour itself was run smoothly and expertly because of the enthusiasm and professionalism of a veritable army of ladies and gentlemen: My thanks to Peter Scher, Chuck O’Brien, Paul Brinn, John Ackerman, Michael Lourie, Roger Wall, Jon Spirson, Tom Meir, Jerry Sosnik, Gene Friedman, Carol Ross, Richard Gersh, Bonnie Zucker, Dick Albrecht, Greg Mullins, Terry Enloe, David Beecham, Tim Tomerson, David Gilliland, Gordon Walker, Bill Towery, Richard Reinach, Bill McShane, Peter Thall, Ron Boutwell, Marcio Marcos, Steve Miller, Larry Magid, Chris Fahlman, Edward Gordon, Marc Overton, Lyle Ward, Larry Akien, Danny Bramsen, Phyllis Parsons, Leon Petrus, Jesse Jackson, Gerry Lonn, Bill Leopold, Terry Holman, Marge Sexton, Alex Cooley, Joe Sullivan, Ron Beck, Phil Lashinsky, Arny Granat, Jules and Mike Belkin, Gene Harvey, Marc Berman, Ed Green, Lee Guber, Shelly Gross, Frank Fried, Zane Bresloff, Gerald Hamser, Art Squires, Doreen Bauman, Lon Varnell, Bob Kelly and Patrick Elliott.

My very personal thanks to my friend, drummer, photographer, conductor, art director and confidante, Lee Gurst, for his enormous support and talents through the years. Lee, this one’s for you.

Recording Engineer: Michael Delugg
The City Rhythm Band: Lee Gurst (Drums), Harold “Ricardo” Alexander (Congas), Steven Donaghey (Bass), Keith Loving (Guitar), Alan Axelrod (Keyboards), Barry Manilow (Piano)
Orchestra conducted by Lee Gurst
Orchstrations by Gerald Alters
Lady Flash: Debra Byrd, Reparata, Monica Burruss
Percussion on “V.S.M.” by Marshall Rosenberg
Additional Guitar: Sid McGinnis
Live Recording Engineer: John Venable
Lighting Designer: Michael-Newton Brown
Additional orchestrations by Barry Manilow, Norman Harris, Dick Berkhe, Arif Mardin, Charlie Calello and Joe Renzetti
Recorded at The Uris Theatre, New York City, except “V.S.M. recorded at Ravinia Festival, Chicago
Mixed at Media Sound Studios, New York City
Location Facility: Dale Ashby and Father
Photographic Supervision: Lee Gurst; Cover Art: Arky & Barrett; Cover Photography: Lara Donin; Inside Photo: Lee Gurst; Back Cover Photos: Lara Donin, Lee Gurst, William Redd, Bob Banks, Mark David Imburgia
Design: Ron Kellum & Howard Fritzon
Art Direction: Bob Heimall
Barry Manilow/Live was Barry’s first #1 album (July 16, 1977) on The Billboard 200!
Re-issued (Deluxe Legacy Edition) 2-CD (Arista/Legacy 82876 78552 2, 6/13/2006) includes bonus tracks “Let Me Go [4:00]”, “I Am Your Child [2:37]”, “Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again [4:59]”, “Lady Flash Medley (Street Singin’ / Nowhere To Run) (performed by Lady Flash) [5:37]” and “One Of These Days [2:56]”; restores “Beautiful Music (Parts I, II and III)” (from original LP, Arista 8500, not included on single CD, Arista A2CD 8049); “New York City Rhythm” moved from after “Looks Like We Made It” to after “Studio Musician”; “Beautiful Music (Part I)” and “Daybreak” moved from after “This One’s For You” to before “Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again”.
“A Very Strange Medley (V.S.M.)” is
Kentucy Fried Chicken
State Farm Insurance
Dr. Pepper
Arista A2CD 8049 is missing “Beautiful Music” (Parts I, II and III) and portions of dialogue on the original album, however, these appear on the Japanese import double-CD