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Track 4: I Had The Craziest Dream

‘I Had The Craziest Dream’ was introduced by Harry James and his orchestra, with vocals by Helen Forrest, in the film Springtime in the Rockies (1942). James and Forrest recorded the song for Columbia Records on July 23, 1942 and their recording topped the Billboard charts for 22 weeks!

I’ve always loved this song because of Warren’s dreamy and romantic melody and Gordon’s brilliant idea for a lyric: “I had the craziest dream”, “there you were in love with me”; “make my craziest dream come true”

Harry Warren is the most famous/not famous songwriter in the music business.

We all know who George Gershwin is…or Cole Porter or Leonard Bernstein, but not Harry Warren who is certainly up there with those songwriters. He’s just not famous.

Get this…he wrote one or two hit songs each year for over 20 years!
Even after writing a hit song every year for 20 years(!), songs that we still sing today…even after having 45 top ten hits, 21 of them number one songs, 50 of them considered standards…even after having received the first gold record ever awarded to anybody…even after writing songs for over 300 movies…even after receiving 11 Academy Award nominations (!) and winning three Academy Awards…not many people know his name.

At the Academy Awards show in 1936, when they gave him an Oscar for “Lullaby of Broadway” the guard wouldn’t let him through because he didn’t know him!

This man’s music has been the soundtrack to our lives. He’s been in our cars, our kitchens, our bedrooms. He’s been there at weddings and funerals and graduations and dances.

He once said, “This is the cross I’ve had to bear. Even my best friends don’t know who I am!” Sounds like a great guy, huh?

Hope you enjoy his and Mack Gordon’s delicious song.

– Barry